How to Give

Give Online Through Baptist Global Response.

Donations made here will be distributed according to the formula established by the Southern Baptist Convention: 20% to the North American Mission Board and 80% the International Mission Board. Nothing is held back for BGR’s overhead expenses.

Baptist Global Response is GHR's trusted partner for receiving on-line donations. After you click Give Now! you will be transferred to BGR's website,, to complete your secure transaction. Learn more about BGR by clicking here.

Give Through Your Local Southern Baptist Church.

Designate your offering for Global Hunger Relief.

To locate a Southern Baptist church near you, click here

Give Through Your State Baptist Convention.

States vary in how hunger gifts are distributed.

For more information, contact your state Baptist convention

Where Does Money Go?

Twenty cents of every dollar is sent to the North American Mission Board. These funds are used to support hunger projects in the United States and Canada. Eighty cents of every dollar is sent to the International Mission Board. These funds are used for direct hunger ministry as well as water well drilling, agricultural education, water purification, etc.

Why give to the GHR over other charities?

Only Global Hunger Relief uses 100% of all contributions to feed hungry people. (Personnel are already in place; thus, administrative and promotional costs are borne out of other budgets.)
When Southern Baptists give food, they are there for the long haul, desiring to plant churches and make disciples for Jesus Christ. Our desire is to build relationships with people and eventually lead them to a relationship with Christ.
The Good News of salvation through Christ is always foundational. Whenever possible, the plan of salvation is shared and an opportunity to respond is given.
In emergency situations, food aid must be given. But when possible, hunger ministries are designed to create independence from rather than dependence on food aid.

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