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Strengthen hunger, compassion ministries with worldview conference


God’s heart for people in need is a core message of the Bible. The Scripture is filled with references to God as the one who feeds the hungry, defends the widow, and protects the stranger. The Bible also is clear that Jesus expects his followers to share his love with people in desperate circumstances: those who are hungry or thirsty, ill-clothed or in prison. Global Hunger Relief offers a highly efficient strategy for fulfilling that ...

In West Africa, clinic rescues starving babies


By Evelyn Adamson WEST AFRICA (BP)—Whipping desert winds fill the air with dust, which settles on the clinic’s metal gate, muting its deep maroon color. A clinic worker opens the gate, and two grandparents step into the clinic with their 2-month-old grandson. Untying the wrap that holds the baby on her back, the grandmother slides him around in front and cradles him as she sits down. The baby’s grandfather pulls up a chair and sits next ...

Hope in a backpack for hungry kids


By K. Faith Morgan MORIARTY, N.M. (BP)—For most school-age children, weekends are a highly anticipated time of fun and freedom. But for others, there’s another expectation—hunger. These kids live in a survival cycle, taking multiple trips through the cafeteria line at school—stocking up at lunch on Friday and catching up at breakfast on Monday—to compensate for the food that is in short supply (or even ...

In Honduras, ‘killer’ bees improve farmers’ lives


Story by Ann Lovell / Photo by Jessica Bowling COPÁN RUINAS, Honduras (BP)—The buzzing grows louder as the small group climbs the mountain toward the bee hives. Decked out in protective gear, the group approaches carefully. They’ve heard the stories of these bees—Africanized “killer” bees who swarm aggressively and whose painful venom can damage human tissue and even lead to kidney failure and death. “The bees are a very ...

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