Almost 800 million people around the world live with constant hunger, and 1 in 6 in North America are undernourished. This tragedy is a reality for churches and their communities. Seven Southern Baptist organizations—Baptist Global Response, the Executive Committee, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, the International Mission Board, LifeWay, the North American Missions Board and the Woman’s Missionary Union—have partnered together to see lives and communities changed forever through Global Hunger Relief. Through this unique partnership, 100 percent of your donations to Global Hunger Relief go toward meeting hunger needs. Nothing is taken out for administrative or promotional costs.

On October 8, 2017, churches around the country will honor Global Hunger Sunday. We hope to inform and equip church leaders to emphasize this global crisis and lead their congregations to give to meet these critical needs, through utilizing the resources on this page.

Global Hunger Sunday Resources

Hunger Offering Envelopes

LifeWay Envelope Service provides envelopes to be used Global Hunger Sunday or any time your church would like to emphasize hunger. 250 envelopes are available for $20.02. To place an order, please call 1-800-874-6319 or email using the product code 772. ...

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2017 Global Hunger Sunday Bulletin

A bulletin for the churches around the country who hold a Global Hunger Sunday to pray and give toward hunger needs

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2017 Global Hunger Sunday Digital Slider

A digital slider for the churches around the country who hold a Global Hunger Sunday to pray and give toward hunger needs

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VIDEO: Good Samaritan serves those ‘on the margin’

This 3-minute video shows how Global Hunger Relief supports the ministry of the Good Samaritan Food Bank in North Georgia.

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2017 Global Hunger Sunday Poster

A poster for the churches around the country recognizing Global Hunger Sunday as a day of prayer and giving toward hunger needs

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“Hunger, Compassion, and the Gospel” by Dr. Russell Moore

2017 Global Hunger Sunday article by Dr. Russell Moore

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Additional resources from WMU

Our GHR partner, Woman's Missionary Union, provides excellent resources for children and adults, including some in Spanish.

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2017 Global Hunger Sunday Study

Global Hunger Sunday Discussion Guide for Small Groups

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VIDEO: What is Global Hunger Relief?

Use this brief video to illustrate the global hunger crisis and the work of Global Hunger Relief.

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Bread Banks

Bread Banks provide the perfect way for your family or class to gather change to make an impact toward hunger needs.

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